Highest-Self Package

Highest-Self Package


What this includes:

A 60-minute phone or video call session with me! We can cover a lot of ground in just one hour. With the Highest-Self Package, we will create affirmations that are right for you, identify your areas of growth and discuss exercises to help you become the highest and most loving version of yourself. This package is intended to show you that everything you need is within you, and teach you how to access your own tools.

How it works:

  • After purchasing, you will receive a calendar link to schedule our 60-minute appointment and you will fill out an intake form to tell me your story

  • I will create customized affirmations, journal prompts, and routines or exercises for you to implement

  • During our call, we will discuss these and work through any additional questions, areas of growth or topics that you may want to cover

  • After our call, unlimited email access to me for 30 days.

  • Follow-up sessions + discounts available.

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Why Me as a Coach?

I was a business consultant for million and billion dollar companies, but that did not satisfy me to say the least. In fact, using affirmations and techniques that I will teach you, I was able to confidently and comfortably quit my job to start my own business. You and I are more similar than you think. I had the corporate 9-5 job, I was unhappy in my relationships, I was unsatisfied, worried and anxious. But, I knew there was something more, something bigger and better. Using affirmations, I found that. I began trusting the universe and am living my dream life, manifested my soulmate, conquered long distance, learned how to be happy with who I am and found my purpose. Spirituality does not have to result in detachment from your day-to-day life. Spirituality can coexist with your reality. 

My priority is to help strengthen your intuition and teach you how to leverage the law of attraction for your own benefit, in your everyday life. These packages are available to you at anytime, whenever you feel inclined or called to participate - your gut will tell you. Working with me one-on-one is like having a best friend who has been through it all to guide you through the process. I will help you dig deep into your own beliefs, show you things from a different perspective and provide you with tips and techniques to grow into your highest self.