Highest-Self Consultation

Highest-Self Consultation


A transformational, private 1:1 session to gain confidence, self-love + tap into your highest self. This consultation includes a 60+ minute call with me.

What you get:

  • 60+ minute call with me to guide you to your highest self

  • Unlimited personalized affirmations

  • Tailored journal prompts, resources + exercises

  • Unlimited email access to me for 30 days

  • BONUS: Surprise gift in the mail

  • BONUS: Discounts for future purchases

How it works:

  • After purchasing, you will receive a calendar link in your inbox to schedule our 60-minute appointment

  • You will fill out the intake form in your inbox to tell me your story and goals

  • I will create customized affirmations, journal prompts, and routines or exercises for you to implement

  • During our call, we will discuss these and work through any additional questions, areas of growth or topics that you may want to cover

  • After our call, you get unlimited email access to me for 30 days

  • Follow-up sessions + discounts available

  • Payment plan available (see below).

We can cover a lot of ground in just one hour. With the Highest-Self Consultation, I will show you how to leverage your own tools and the powers you have within you.

Ready for my Highest Self!

Prefer a payment plan?

You have the option to pay in 2 monthly installments of $111. Simply click the button below, enter your information and your 2 month payment plan will be in effect.


What previous clients are saying:

Why Work With Me?

Hey there! I’m Payal. Affirmations, manifestation and all things in this realm have been part of my life since I was just 12 years old. I have been able to tap into this knowledge and apply it in every single area of my life. From money and my dream job to finding my soulmate to the most magical travel opportunities - I owe it to the knowledge that I’m about to share with you.

You and I are more similar than you think. I had the corporate 9-5 job, I was unhappy in with my relationships, I was unsatisfied, worried and anxious. Using affirmations, I began trusting the universe and am now living my dream life, manifested my soulmate, conquered long distance, learned how to be happy with who I am and found my purpose. 

My belief is that this knowledge can easily coexist with your reality. You don’t have to detach yourself from your normal, day-to-day life,

I’m so excited to share with you the exact lessons, techniques and mindset that transformed my entire life. It allowed me to live on purpose. It allowed me to literally create my reality by just speaking it into existence. Now, it’s your turn!

During the consultation we will…

  • Create clear intentions and affirmations for you

  • Breakthrough barriers you didn’t know you had

  • Discuss + implement manifesting techniques to amplify your vibration

  • Identify and work through areas of growth

  • Smash doubts and concerns

  • Gain clarity and self-confidence to manifest what you really want

  • Design a plan that works for you

  • Let your highest-self shine through

Ready for my Highest Self!