Indigo Haven Journal

Indigo Haven Journal

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Product Features:

  • Made out of 100% recycled materials

  • Vegan, ethically-sourced, organic

  • 150 pages of unlined, all-natural, recycled paper

  • Haven, simple textured hard cover

  • Bamboo and jute closure

  • Thick paper (doesn’t bleed, including Sharpie)

How to Use:

  • Write your affirmations

  • Journal out your day

  • Use it as a travel diary

  • Take notes

  • Jot down your creative ideas

  • Write down recipes

  • Sketch, draw or doodle

  • Practice calligraphy

About this Product:

These journals have been beautifully handcrafted by the Sahraiya tribal women in India. Making these journals is their livelihood, and by purchasing one journal, you are empowering them and supporting the rural advancement of their community. By purchasing one of these journals, you are providing for one month’s worth of food and work for these women, at the least.

Each journal is 100% sustainable, organically-sourced and made from recycled fabric and paper (all natural!). The paper is unlined and thick, and will not bleed through. Please note, it’s a natural notebook, so the paper is brown due to its recycled materials.

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