Episode 9: Self-Care Promises that Everyone Should Keep

Self-care is becoming an increasingly common topic, and I think that’s absolutely amazing! My belief is that if you can’t feel whole and complete with yourself, how can you help others? By building ourselves up, we can show up for others so much more.

Today, I dive into the promises I made to myself in order to take care of myself. I broke it down into three areas, each with different activities to go along with it:

  1. Allow myself to tune-in.

  2. Take care of my body.

  3. Live out my purpose.

After listening to this episode, I hope you are inspired to make your OWN list of self-care promises. I invite you to take a few minutes, and write down what you need for yourself and make a conscious effort to integrate self-care into your daily life.

Feel free to share this or any of my content, pages, or affirmations to your friends. My mission is to spread this awareness as far as possible, so join me and share this with someone you care about!