Episode 8: Manifesting Money - Affirmations, Tips and Tricks!

Money can be manifested just as much as anything else can be! Money is just an energy, but something I hear a lot is that "manifesting money is too greedy". Today, I talk to you about true intentions behind manifesting money. It doesn't have to be for a fancy car or a private jet. You can manifest money for yourself, to live your best lifestyle, and support your family. 

At the end of this episode, I read out 10 of my favorite money manifestation affirmations. If you prefer to see them written, here they are:

1. I am in the flow of money.

2. I am a money magnet.

3. I love giving money. I love receiving money.

4. Money flows to me in unexpected ways.

5. I love money. Money loves me.

6. Money comes to me easily and frequently.

7. I have an abundance of money at all times.

8. I am financially free.

9. Money is my friend.

10. I am aligned with the energy of money.

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