Episode 7: Lessons Learned from 24 Hours of Positivity (Challenge Reaction)

In this episode, I tell you what I learned after trying my 24 hours of positivity challenge. I started this challenge on a whim, but WOW did I learn so much, so fast. I tell you about what I've learned, and how I plan to keep growing from it. Also, if you don't know what the challenge entails, I go in-depth and explain how to do the challenge if you want to start today.

I highly encourage starting because it's the most empowering challenge I have done. And, all it takes is YOU. Just you. So, let me know if you start the challenge or do it again for another 24 hours - I made a commitment while recording to do the challenge for another 24 hours, especially because I know the next 24 hours of my life is going to be a little wild. 

Feel free to share this or any of my content, pages, or affirmations to your friends. My mission is to spread this awareness as far as possible, so join me and share this with someone you care about!