Enjoying the Journey of Manifestation

It’s not only about focusing on the manifestation. It’s about the journey to manifestation. Why? Because most of our time is spent on this journey. .

Once we manifest what we wanted, we begin the manifestation journey again for something better. 

The key is to enjoy that journey. Well how do I enjoy? You tap into the frequency and emotion of feeling good. You align. 

With alignment, comes action. Not the other way around. How can I create, think or produce good work/good anything if I don’t feel good? That’s why feeling good is the first step. 

After aligning, you take action. This action is fun. It’s not a chore, it’s not a drag. It is fun. Building your business should be fun the entire way. Working your way up to the top should be fun. Finding x, getting y, doing z should be fun. 

You are allowed to have fun on the way. You must have fun along the way. The way you feel now is only giving you what you will feel tomorrow. Little continuation of today’s earlier post, but so important!!!!