Homemade Chapstick / Lip Balm

Featuring these two lovely ladies: @teyjasjewellers and @scentlery (both our powerhouse momma’s, love them to pieces)

I’m SO picky with my chapstick, but my mom, Tom’s mom and I got together and whipped up some chapstick together and it was so easy and SO good for you. It moisturized my lips and didn’t make me feel like I had to keep putting more on. So nice. Btw, she is a certified aromatherapist and has AMAZING products (instagram.com/scentlery)

Ingredients (makes 12 normal sized chapstick tubes)

1/2 oz jojoba oil

1 oz coconut oil

1/2 oz beeswax

40-60 drops - essential oil(s) of choice *can adjust based on preference, we used 40 drops of peppermint

optional: a few drops of Vitamin E oil


12 chapstick tubes, could use even a jar or little tub to hold it all

Double boiler to melt the ingredients


  1. Set up your double boiler - Get a pot, fill with water, get another glass bowl/jar to put over the boiling water. This is where your ingredients will go, so they can heat up and mix without burning. Make SURE it is glass.

  2. Pour jojoba oil, coconut oil and beeswax into the double boiler.

  3. Continuously stir, over low heat, until it’s incorporated.

  4. Once fully incorporated, take off the heat and let cool for a few seconds by stirring it. Be sure to not let it harden! If it hardens, reheat it over the double boiler.

  5. Add your essential oils while stirring once the mixture is slightly cooled. Start with smaller quantities, and add more if needed. Better to have less than too much and harm your lips!

  6. Pour into tubes or the jar you are using.

  7. Let it set, and ready to use!

That’s it! It took us about 30 minutes to get it all figured out. Feel free to mess around with the oils. You can get creative and add dried herbs too. We used peppermint oil and peppermint leaves. Next time, i want to try dried rose leaves.

Here are some pics from our process!

If you make this, please send me a picture or video - would love to see your creations. Happy balming!