My TOP Affirmations for Manifesting your Soulmate!

The exact affirmations I used to manifest my soulmate into my life. For more about my story, check out this podcast episode!

My top affirmations for manifesting soulmates:

  • I love myself and feel complete within.

  • I am attracting my soulmate into my life

  • I know that my soulmate and I will be together

  • My soulmate and I have a relationship filled with love, joy and laughter

  • I am ready to be loved, and I release any fears or resistance of being loved.

  • I am loved fully and wholly.

  • My soulmate and I are divinely and infinitely connected

  • I am open to receiving love from my soulmate.

Hope these help. But, I do highly recommend listening to the podcast episode because I talk about why it’s SO important to have a relationship with yourself before bringing in your soulmate.