3 Simple Journaling Exercises to Get You Started

So…you got a new journal and now what?! How do you use it? What do you write in it? I wanted to share 3 simple journal exercises that are really powerful and all-encompassing.


Oftentimes we think that we are only allowed to be super positive, and can’t have any sort of negative emotions. But, duality is a law of nature, and we will always experience dualities.

Make a t-chart, and on the left hand side title it “I am”. On the right hand side title it “But also”.



Now, this one is my personal favorite because it’s something that we’re not used to. It’s all about understanding who we are, and figuring out how we are blocking ourselves from our highest and most powerful self.

Write down everything you absolutely love about yourself and why. Enjoy this process. Acknowledge yourself. No one’s watching or reading - so feel good about yourself! You deserve it.

Now, the hard part. Write down what you don’t love about yourself and why. This might be hard, but this well help you understand different insecurities you might have without even realizing it (this can be helpful for the next exercise).



We all have insecurities, and they can stem from a moment 25 years ago. But, that insecurity still has the power to guide your decisions, impact the way you see yourself and not serve you - even though it happened so long ago. We have the power to rewire our thoughts, it can be as simple as a choice. This exercise makes you see your insecurities on paper and manually figure out a way to replace them with a better belief.

For this exercise, make a t-chart. On the left hand side, title it “Insecurity” and on the right side, title it “Rewired Belief”. Write one insecurity at a time, then after you think about it, write down how you can change that belief. What proof do you have that the insecurity is false? Are you ready to let go of that insecurity and believe this new belief?


So, these are super simple, yet powerful journal exercises to get you started in journaling. Would love to hear some of your favorite journal exercises and how these ones helped you. If you’re looking for a new journal, I have some in my shop!