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your one stop shop for affirmations + manifestation

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Use the power of affirmations to manifest the reality you want. Choose from 1000s of affirmations or create your own.



Follow helpful guides & videos to truly understand how you can rewire your subconscious mind.



Enjoy guided affirmations, visualizations and meditations.



Use the reminders and repetition functionality to engrain & reprogram your mind.



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What do I get with Affirm It?

  • Guided affirmations, visualizations & meditations

  • Stay updated on the newest spiritual techniques

  • Listen to affirmations while you sleep

  • Watch helpful videos from experts

  • All access. No restrictions, ads or hidden fees

  • New affirmations everyday

  • Set your own affirmation reminders

  • Document your manifestation journey

  • Thousands affirmations that truly work

  • Dozens of detailed guides to help you


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Affirmations are proven

to rewire your subconscious mind, improve your mindset and create your reality. The power of repetition is what imprints these new beliefs into your mind.

Use Affirm It to pick affirmations you want to embody & set reminders to reprogram your mind.

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LISTEN while you sleep

Your subconscious mind is still working while you’re sleeping! Talk about effortless manifestation. Click below to hear a snippet of one of our guided affirmations here:

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Created based on your needs

Based on the thousands of requests, client calls and messages - we have created this app to help you bridge the gap between your daily life and manifesting your dreams. We are always listening and working to serve you through this platform.

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