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Hi there!

I'm Payal Aggarwal. My affirmation journey started when I was about 12 years old. Throughout all the important milestones (high school, college internships, my first job, relationships), affirmations have been my sidekick. Now, it is my mission to share the power of affirmations with YOU, showing you that it can be used in your daily life. It's not just for super spiritual people. 


Where did my journey start?

I was first introduced to meditation when I was 12, by my mom. I was actually pretty resistant, and it didn't stick. A few years later, we watched The Secret, and I made my first vision board. I learned about affirmations and then, I experienced my first manifestation: A BROWNIE! 

I have been on this journey for 10 years, and want to share my experiences and knowledge with you. And I'm still learning and growing.

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How affirmations changed my life:

Throughout high school, affirmations were my secret weapon. When I told my friends...they thought it was weird. So, I kept it to myself.

I used them for years, throughout college and getting my dream job. Then, Tom and I started dating and military relationships are unpredictable. But with our affirmations...we made the impossible possible. In fact, being the supportive man he is, he is the one who kept pushing me to start my Instagram. And now, here we are. :) 

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How affirmations can change your life:

Our thoughts create our reality. What we think, is what we become. What you're thinking right now, is creating your tomorrow.

What we speak is what we are creating for ourselves. That's why, affirmations are so powerful. The way you are telling your story, is the way it will be. Allow yourself to receive, because trust me, there is more than enough to go around for everyone. 

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My mission:

Share the power of affirmations with the world. Mindset is the root of everything, and using affirmations will help you master your mindset and so much more. Affirmations are for every single person, as long as you are open to receive. Once you are ready, amazing things will flow and flow to you. 


What's Next?

I have so many new projects coming up. I am creating a brand that will allow you to integrate affirmations into your daily life, in all aspects. I will provide you with the motivation, knowledge and resources to help you conquer your mindset and manifest all that you could imagine. 

I am not calling myself a coach or master. I am using what I have learned over the past 10 years on my personal journey to make affirmations and manifestation accessible and attainable to you. Why? Because me and you are one in the same. Xoxo. 

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