Affirmation Addict

My Mission

Spread the power of affirmations, modern spirituality + holistic living with the world. Using affirmations will help you acknowledge the power within, so you can master your mindset and create your reality.


How to Use Affirmations 

Affirmations are a lifestyle, as every word you speak is a declaration of your reality. Say affirmations out loud, write them down and visualize the fruition of them. An app to help you on your manifestation journey is coming soon!


Say it



Write it 



see it



use the app




Journals that Empower

You can provide for one month’s worth of food + work for a woman in rural India by purchasing a journal. These journals not only empower the women who crafted them, but they also will empower you. Use these journals for your affirmations, thoughts, and visualizations.

I worked with Payal in order to manifest a new job into my life. She provided me with guidance and affirmations and I got my new job in under 30 days, along with a raise! I’m so thankful to her because she has a way of understanding people on a deeper level, to help me grow in areas I didn’t even realize! If you can, work with her or support her in any way you can!
— Client testimony


Work with Me

Personalized affirmations crafted for you based on an understanding of your story and who you are. My intention is to help you understand that everything you need is within you, so that you can become your own creator of your reality!


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